Monday, 10 June 2013


Warning!! Photo heavy post ahead.
In my previous post, I briefly mentioned that I had decorated Master T's bedroom.
I decided he needed a more grown up look than what he had.
I know he wasn't bothered with what he had but I was.
Here are the pics.
I'm sure you can figure out which photos are before and which ones are after.
Cover via Debenhams
chest via friend
Beach towel via Debenhams and pillow case TK Maxx
Canvas frames via my shed and wallpaper samples
Shelves via boot sale and painted by me
Frames via Debenhams. Photo of Mini car wallpaper sample
Camera via auction, post box via car boot sale.
Little yellow cars via car boot sale
Mirror very old from my early car booting days, clock via Debenhams, chair free from a friend.
Cabinet via charity shop. Radio Christmas present, flag from my brother.
Bin via car boot sale.
Everything in this room is either second hand or was bought in the sale. The most expensive items were the duvet cover and the beach towel which cost £9 each and the cheapest items were the yellow cars at 20p each and the small frames at 30pence each. In all I spent just about £30 on this room.
Unfortunately I never got the chance to take a photo of the whole room but I hope you get the picture.
Master T was and still is so excited about his room, I did it all as a surprise. I have never heard so many lovely things being said about me by one person as I did last Tuesday. Words like wonderful, best, amazing (insert word here) I heard them all.
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  1. What a fab room Millie! No wonder Master T is so pleased - you have done a great job and how wonderful that it was a surprise for him!

  2. That is amazing! I can't believe how wonderful it looks and on a budget-that's incredible. I bet he was one happy boy!

    Sft x