Saturday, 8 June 2013

A Week Off...

I honestly wish I was a kept woman, this business of waking up at the crack of dawn is just not me but hey what I can I do. I bet you are wondering what I am on about. I was on nights the whole of last week and because of that I got this whole week off. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end so it's back to reality on Monday for both of us. Master T is off school for 2 weeks instead of 1 at this time of the year. The reason for this is his school only closes for 1 week during Easter. I actually prefer 2 weeks this time of the year because the weather is a lot better and most kids are back to school the second week so we can go places without feeling squashed.
The weather this week has been absolutely brilliant. On Monday we had the first BBQ of the season after a trip to town.
We spent Tuesday at home and I decorated Master T's room as a surprise. We both love it now as it has a bit more colour and feels more homely. I also managed to quickly mow the lawn and catch up on a load of ironing. Wednesday I had some kitchen blinds fitted, went to the hairdressers and took Master T to the movies to watch Epic (thanks to Orange free Wednesday). On Thursday Master T went to the child minders for a couple of hours while I attended a job interview (didn't get the job). I also had an appointment at the dentist which was a waste (long story). On our way back home we got stuck in traffic which was fantastic, can you tell I wasn't driving. I say it was fantastic because it meant we had to slow down, the weather was nice so we got to enjoy it while in the car and it was great watching all the other drivers.
Yesterday Master T and I went on a 31/2 hour river cruise on the River Tees (thanks to groupon). The weather did not disappoint and as for the views, they were AMAZING. Master T as usual found time to sulk but I wasn't going to let him ruin my day so I let him and I got on with enjoying the sun on the deck. He eventually got over it and came to join the rest of the other passengers.

Today has been a slow day, I have primed and undercoated my dining table ready to paint but haven't settled on a colour yet but for the most part I have pretended to catch up on house work but really scoffed a lot of ice lollies while enjoying the sun.
Sorry for the descriptive post but I just wanted to show you how simple this week has been. No rushing for the school run. No shouting at Master T to get a move on. This week has just been enjoyable. I just wish all my weeks would be like this.

These are the 2 last bouquets of my Tulips from my garden. They have really cheered me up
I had plenty of these pink and white tulips over the last few weeks.
But this is the only bunch in this colour
I binned these today as they were past their best and started work on the table.
I need to find time for my garden as it is a bit overgrown in places especially with weeds.. The flower bed is doing better than I expected as I usually buy reduced plants most of which will have lost their flowers and randomly plant them in the flower bed so most of the time I do not know what or how things will look.
Tomorrow I will be taking a trip to the car boot to source out some fabulous plants.
I best go to bed now.



  1. I love being a ' kept woman' ! I'm grateful every day that although I get up early with J , I don't have to go out to work with all the stress that would bring and the negative effects it would have on my heart.Your tulips are beautiful, and I hope you found some bargain plants at the carboot - they were selling off perennials for 50p each at ours today.

  2. It seems like you've had a fab week! I am so glad! The tulips are absolutely gorgeous! Hope the 'Back to work' isn't too bad!x