Monday, 13 May 2013

And Breathe...

Sorry lovely people I have been AWOL. University and assignments kind of took over my life since I last posted. I had a few back to back assignments and they needed to be done. Today I handed in my last assignment which means no more academic work. Fingers crossed I pass. I still have practical's/placement  to do till the end of September at 371/2 hrs a week so still full time. (No rest for the wicked) but I would rather have that any day than write assignments. It is way better than juggling academic and placements at the same time me thinks. After handing in my assignment I met some friends and we went out to lunch to celebrate.
I am going to take things easy and try to gather my thoughts in the next few days. My head is filled with so many things that I have neglected over the last 2/3 years and I feel I have the time and energy to tackle them now.
Hope you have all been enjoying whatever it is you were doing in my absence.
Will be back soon

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